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第一个 mortgage and down payment assistance for 1-4 unit homes

买房是一个艰巨的过程, and bet36365首页登陆入口 knows that securing a mortgage and supplying a down payment on a home is a huge obstacle to overcome. That’s why we’re here to help you own your piece of New 奥尔良 by providing a first mortgage paired with down payment assistance options to suit your needs.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner looking to buy a new home, a first mortgage and down payment relief are never far away.


  • Save money that will help you qualify for the first mortgage.
  • Keep savings that can be used for other household needs, 比如购买电器或家具.
  • 从增加房屋净值开始.





这个产品是30年的VA, 联邦住房管理局, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac first mortgage with a zero-interest, forgivable second mortgage (equaling 2-5% of your approved home loan) to help with your down payment.



一旦你有资格申请第一笔抵押贷款, 你会得到一笔可以原谅的钱, but you must remain in the home for at least 3 years.



资格 & 条款




  • 个人或家庭 
  • 家庭收入低于99,000美元
  • 信用评分660分以上
  • 总债务负担低于收入的45%
  • 获得bet36365首页登陆入口教育课程证书
  • Qualify for first mortgage with participating lender



  • 奥尔良教区
  • 1至4个单位的主要住所
  • 准备好回家吧



Review the choices below to determine the best first mortgage and down payment assistance option that suits your needs and eligibility.

  • 一步 1
  • 第一按揭选择

  • 选择一个按揭选项

联邦住房管理局 房地美(FREDDIE MAC) 房利美(FANNIE MAE) VA
贷款条件 30年 30年 30年 30年
总债务收入 低于45%,或者50%的人有680+的信用评分 低于45%,或者50%的人有680+的信用评分 低于45%,或者50%的人有680+的信用评分 低于45%,或者50%的人有680+的信用评分
最大单位 2 1 4 2
贷款限制 356362美元(单) 456276美元(双) 551500美元(三层) 685400美元(four-plex) See Freddie Mac guidelines for your specific loan limits. See Fannie Mae guidelines for your specific loan limits. $548,250 具体的贷款限额请参阅VA指南.
最大的收入 $99,000 遵循 Fannie Mae guidelines for your family situation 没有限制
最低信用评分 660 660 660 660
教区的资格 奥尔良 奥尔良 奥尔良 奥尔良
购房教育 & 培训 第一次 bet36365首页登陆入口 & 房东培训 第一次 bet36365首页登陆入口只 第一次 bet36365首页登陆入口 & 房东培训 第一次 bet36365首页登陆入口 & 房东培训
  • 一步 2
  • 首付款援助

援助% (首期按揭款额的2-5%)
利率 没有一个
偿还条款 必须在国内待满3年
可原谅的 是的

遵循 联邦住房管理局最大 最高贷款额度的贷款限额. VA首次贷款限额也适用.



资源 & 常见问题



才有资格享受这个项目的福利, homebuyers are required to apply for a mortgage at any one of our participating lenders.



是什么 绿色抵押贷款计划?
绿色按揭计划 offers a first mortgage down payment assistance to qualified buyers who want to own a home in New 奥尔良. bet36365首页登陆入口 can choose the down payment assistance in the form of a forgivable loan at 2-5% of the first mortgage. 如果你得到了可免除的贷款, you must remain in the house for 3 years for the second mortgage to be fully forgiven.


bet36365首页登陆入口’s mortgages are originated through our 参与银行. If you have a banking relationship with one of these lenders, you may choose to work with them or select another from our list. 的 lender will be able to guide you on the financial documentation you need to provide and the type of loan product that you would qualify for. If you are a first-time homebuyer, you must also complete a bet36365首页登陆入口教育培训课程.  的 course may be taken on-line or in-person in conjunction with eHome America and the Participating 培训 Organizations.


的 minimum required score is 660 for 联邦住房管理局, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and VA loans.


的 income limit is $99,000 regardless of household size for 联邦住房管理局 and VA. 房利美的收入限制是针对家庭的.


What kind of home can I use the down payment assistance to purchase?
的 home must be used as your primary residence but the type of home varies based on the loan product you choose. You may purchase a 1 to 4 units (detached or attached), 公寓或联排别墅, VA, 以及房利美贷款产品. However, you may only purchase a 1-unit home under Freddie Mac’s loan product. 预制房屋, 移动, 休闲, seasonal or other types of vacation or non-permanent homes are not permitted.


Only homes that are move-in ready are eligible for financing in 绿色抵押贷款计划.


Can I buy a double and rent out one side of the home?
是的. 如果你选择联邦住房管理局或退伍军人管理局贷款, you may purchase a double as long as you live in one side as your primary residence. Fannie Mae loans allow the purchase of homes up to four units as long as you reside in one unit as your primary residence.


你不必是第一次买房. However, for the Freddie Mac loan product, you cannot own other property at the time of closing.


If you are a first-time homebuyer, you must complete 购房的培训. 的 course may be taken on-line through eHome America in conjunction with the Participating Homebuyer 培训 Organizations or in-person at one of their local classes. 该课程必须在贷款结束前完成.


的 first mortgage is a 30-year, fixed rate, amortizing loan with 360 level monthly payments. 的 interest rate is subject to current market conditions and changes daily. 遵循 联邦住房管理局最大 最高贷款额度的贷款限额. VA首次贷款限额也适用.


Down payment assistance is offered as a 3-year deferred loan that is forgiven at the rate of 1/3 per year provided that the borrower is not in default and resides in the home as their primary residence for the duration of the 3-year period.


How may I use funds from the down payment assistance?
所得款项可用作首付款, 关闭成本, 预付, upfront private mortgage insurance and other related program and mortgage loan fees and expenses. 的 second mortgage proceeds may not be used to pay off debt.

*All of these questions are subject to current guidelines.

Questions or Comments on the 绿色抵押贷款计划?



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